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When it was time to sell our business, BCI Brokers was the only option we would use.  I had known Tony through networking and knew he was a reputable operator and a genuinely a nice guy.  We placed the business on the market a year ahead of our exit plan.  The business went on the market and sold within a month!

Tony’s consultant, Phil Lyons, worked on the marketing and prospective buyers.  The professional service was above what we expected and didn’t end once the buyer had made the offer.  Phil followed through with the settlement to ensure that everything went smoothly for both the buyer and us.  He was even following up post sale.

If you are considering selling your business, don’t waste your time shopping around for a broker that doesn’t even understand business.  Go straight to BCI Brokers and get the professional service that you deserve.


Susanna Palmer

Tel: 9659 4110
Mob: 0417 414 491


Selling my hair and beauty salon of 7 years was an emotional time. However Tony’s professionalism, and commitment to sell the business with such integrity made the selling process so much easier.

His time and dedication that was put into the sale of the business is a testament to his professionalism. It only took 4 weeks to sell the business and Tony ensured a smooth transition, during this period. Tony achieved the best possible result for the sale and we could not be happier.

Tony, Thank you, for your commitment, professionalism, and dedication to selling my business. I could not have asked for a better broker to sell it!

Emily Salter


“Tony Arena sold a business I had owned for over 30 years. Tony was by my side for years before the transaction helping me grow the business and make it more saleable and more valuable. In the end I got hundreds of thousands more for the business due to Tony’s diligence and negotation skill. I can heartily recommend Tony and the team at BCI Business Brokers.”

Geoff Phillips


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